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As of September 2015, Magnetic Ideas is no longer taking on new projects. Our founder and Creative Director Miranda Newsom is available for brand positioning and luxury copywriting/communications projects. See her work at


CREATIVE AND CONCEPTUAL COPYWRITER AND BRAND SPECIALIST. Miranda has over 15 years of experience in creative copywriting (long and short copy, headlines, tag lines), branding, marketing, design and journalism. In her role as founder and Creative Director of Magnetic Ideas, she met with clients (from initial contact through all stages of the project), oversaw all branding, design and communications work and managed all copywriting. This included company naming, advertising, email marketing and creating brand and TOV guidelines to shape all comms.

She has written about a range of subjects and sectors, both B2B and B2C including travel, luxury lifestyle, fashion, beauty, homes, education, sustainability, psychotherapy, property, e-learning, food, parenting and children, health, relationships, finance and FMCG.

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