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March 10, 2015

A new look: rebranding Petermans


Goodness is about character – more than anything else, it is about how we treat other people.

Dennis Prager

One of our favourite things about our work is meeting enterprising people like Wendy Peterman, of Petermans property sales and management. This distinctly London agency is one of the ‘good guys’, an honest and reliable alternative to corporate property giants. Established in 1962 by brothers Sidney and Warner Peterman, Petermans is now run by Wendy and her cousin Howard, with offices in Herne Hill, Edgware (and other areas coming soon). Wendy approached us to rebrand the business and polish up the logo for their signage, stationery and vehicles. For the next stage we’ll help her incorporate the new branding onto their existing website.

Before-After Branding
before-after branding rebranding

Before and after brand design for Petermans.

The clients wanted the new logo to feel like a logical progression from the old (and very established) logo design. To accomplish this, we stayed in a similar colour palette, simply pushing the blue into a darker, more formal shade to reflect the increasingly high-end properties in the Petermans portfolio. Instead of a sketched illustration, the client chose a more crisp, architectural style for the visuals. And putting the company name in all caps also helps the brand fit with a more aspirational audience. The whole team is very happy with their new brand. We’re sure you’ll be seeing it in signs on London’s top properties very soon.

Rebranding makes good business sense

If you or anyone you know think your business identity needs a refresh for Spring 2015, take a look at our other before-after branding examples and please get in touch.

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