Branding & Web Design
July 10, 2014

Good branding can come in small packages.

Many small businesses come to us believing they need to ‘clean up’ their branding – and they’re right. But for some businesses, an overly precise logo just doesn’t fit. Today’s my birthday, and one of my gifts is a sweet necklace and earrings by illustrator Kate Rowland. I love how the quirky style of her illustrations and wooden jewellery is echoed in her branding and naturalistic packaging.

I’d never seen Kate’s work before (my husband found it in The Turpentine boutique in Brixton) and I was struck by the charm of her logo. The ‘imperfection’ embodies the real brand story – the handwritten mark of the artist. Kate uses a laser cutter to transform her drawings into 3D objects, and the wood lends each piece its own unique finish. She creates things that strike her fancy, from personal tastes to fave films and TV shows. Such a personal brand needs personal branding. Instead of starting the design process on a computer, it’s pencil and paper time. Something for all designers to keep in mind. The quirks and humanity of a hand-drawn logo might be just what’s needed. Love it! Find Kate’s jewellery and illustration at her website, her Etsy store and of course at The Turpentine.


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