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20 Apr '15

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Rebranded sign of the times

What could be better? Not a cloud in the spring sky, and walking down the street to see a sign *you* designed? I was so pleased to see it finally live. These guys are doing such a great job and … Read More

20 Apr '15

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Hillary Clinton’s new logo…

Hillary Clinton’s new logo is making waves. Is it the perfect combination of Americana and ‘moving forward’? Totally boring? A filch of FedEx? Creative Bloq drills down in a fantastic blog: 5 reasons Hillary Clinton’s New Logo is Causing Controversy.

Hillary’s competition:

In the … Read More

24 Mar '15

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Florist branding: Igloo Flowers

Every time I walk past Igloo Flowers at London Bridge station I think to myself, “What a perfect name!” Tucked into a little cave-like Victorian arch lined with shiny, ice-white tiles (and of course, the typically Arctic temperatures of any flower shop) it’s a proper little Igloo … Read More

13 Mar '15

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Bar and restaurant interiors: The Boot and Flogger

Last night I was invited to an event with the wonderful Fourth Day PR team at The Boot and Flogger, in Redcross Way, SE1 (coincidentally about 20 steps from our new location). I’ve heard about it for years, but it was … Read More

12 Mar '15

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Restaurant branding: El Vergel

Most mornings when walking or cycling to work, I pass the lovely El Vergel. I absolutely love this Latin American restaurant, partly for its delicious churrasco palta (steak, avocado and tomato sandwich), but also for the delightful interior design branding. I love … Read More

11 Mar '15

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Not Dogs pop-up food stand in London Bridge

Spied on my lunchtime walk: Not Dogs, a cute little vegetarian popup food stand, celebrating Day 3 in The Moveable Feast’s lovely new ‘veggie food emporium’ located in a popup space next to London Bridge station and The Shard, right … Read More

03 Mar '15

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Moving up in the world.

We’ve just moved from Pullens Yards to our new studio in Southwark Street, London Bridge. Not quite the 23rd floor of The Shard (17,710 sq ft still available), but perfect for us. We’re just across the street from Borough Market, with all its … Read More

03 Mar '15

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Profile Protection Rebranding

“ No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.

Hal Borland While Spring isn’t officially here yet, there are definitely ‘Spring glimpses’. It seems an appropriate time to relaunch a brand, which is exactly what our latest client … Read More

19 Feb '15

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How Do I Name My Company?

If you’re asking yourself “How Do I Name My Company?” you’re not alone. As brands become more global, entrepreneurs are searching for a unique name that stands out from the crowd (but still has an available URL). Choosing a business name or new … Read More

14 Jan '15

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Brand (re)new resolutions

Is your goal for 2015 a firmer bottom – or a a firmer bottom line? Either way, at this halfway point in January, I’ll bet your mettle’s being tested. Will this be the year you finally polish up your company’s branding and start attracting a better class of … Read More