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29 Apr '15

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Rebranding Hastings Adventure Golf

Just returned from a fantastic stay in America, visiting family and friends at the beach in North Carolina – and finding some time for putt putt… ahem, I mean research for our rebranding project for Hastings Adventure Golf. We’ve reshaped the brand to … Read More

20 Apr '15

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Rebranded sign of the times

What could be better? Not a cloud in the spring sky, and walking down the street to see a sign *you* designed? I was so pleased to see it finally live. These guys are doing such a great job and … Read More

10 Mar '15

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A new look: rebranding Petermans

“ Goodness is about character – more than anything else, it is about how we treat other people.

Dennis Prager

One of our favourite things about our work is meeting enterprising people like Wendy Peterman, of Petermans property sales … Read More