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April 6, 2014

Does a Pu Pu Platter by any other name smell as sweet?

When choosing a company name, be cautious – but not meek.

Your product or brand name has a big impact on how customers perceive your business. Choosing a company name has emotional, political and business repercussions, so follow our brand naming tips.

Just as a baby’s name (or a puppy’s) can affect how people perceive them, your company name will send out a signal to customers: fun or serious, high-tech or human, friendly or professional, trendy or trustworthy. Are you Twixxle or Serious&Sons? Ensure your company name matches your business.

So, back to the Pu Pu Platter. It’s a tray of American Chinese nibbles, but the name? Not so appetising. (in Hawaii, you can get a buffet of ‘heavy pupus’, served warm). Which brings me to La du du, which I walked past in West Hampstead the other day. The place looks lovely, the menu’s a fresh take on Vietnamese cuisine, the logo’s perfectly fine, but the name? Ládudu actually means ‘papaya leaf’ in Vietnamese, but in (American) English…

Ass + Spaghetti = ?

Maybe it’s just my American baggage, because two days later I spied Assaggetti, a new Italian restaurant near Piccadilly Circus. Apparently, it’s based on the philosophy of light bites, but the word ‘ass’ so close to a twist on ‘spaghetti’ just made me think ‘a minute on the lips – forever on the hips’. It also reminds me of America’s Beefaghetti, heavily advertised during children’s programs in the 70s, but extremely resistible.

Of course, if the core product is superb, customers can eventually get used to any name, however odd or unwise. So, team Assaggetti, feel free to ignore this rant. Just had a closer look at your menu, and your stuzzichini sounds lovely. (And I could always do a couple of sit-ups afterwards, right?…)

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