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June 24, 2015

Copywriting blunder – or just a bit of fun?

If you cycle through the Elephant (on the cycle path not the roundabout because you’re not a suicidal maniac), you’ll have seen these signs: CS7 Diversión. The cycle route is temporarily diverted through St. Mary’s Churchyard, and so far cyclists and pedestrians seem to be sharing the narrow path with only minor grumbling. Trouble is, diversión is a Spanish word, and it doesn’t mean ‘diversion’, it means ‘fun’. So are these signs the product of a cheeky copywriter, a Spanish-speaking sign designer who slipped up in a careless moment or a clueless bureaucrat who thought hiring a professional copywriter was an unnecessary luxury that would break the budget?

Still, it makes me smile, unlike the testosterone-fuelled, lycra-clad cyclists who flex their calves at traffic lights and make a big show of speeding off into the distance. Hie thee away, hares – this tortoise will inevitably catch you at the next light.

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