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April 20, 2015

Hillary Clinton’s new logo…

Hillary Clinton's new logoHillary Clinton’s new logo is making waves. Is it the perfect combination of Americana and ‘moving forward’? Totally boring? A filch of FedEx? Creative Bloq drills down in a fantastic blog: 5 reasons Hillary Clinton’s New Logo is Causing Controversy.

Hillary’s competition:

In the also runnings, we have Rand Paul, who’s ripped off Tinder (albeit in italics), Marco Rubio (the dot over the I isn’t a birthmark – it’s a map of the US. Well, minus Hawaii and Alaska…). And Rick Santorum. I know this isn’t his presidential logo, but his PAC logo grates so much it had to be included in this lineup.

And then there’s the unflappable Ted Cruz’s ‘America on fire’ logo. Whatever’s to be made of that?ted cruz logo al jazeiraLooks like there will be plenty to talk about for the next year and a half – and that’s before we start comparing policies.

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