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February 19, 2015

How Do I Name My Company?

If you’re asking yourself “How Do I Name My Company?” you’re not alone. As brands become more global, entrepreneurs are searching for a unique name that stands out from the crowd (but still has an available URL). Choosing a business name or new product name can be emotionally charged, fraught with individual taste and associations – your friends, family and employees will all have an opinion, as will your customers.

Buck the trend?

Startup business names go in cycles, just like baby names. The parents who named their newborns Isla and Riley last year may consider their little darlings ‘one of a kind’, but with the 8th most popular names of the year, they won’t exactly be unique.

Six recent brand naming trends:
Baby Talk
These jibber-jabbery gurgles are popular with high tech startups.
Cutesy Suffixes
This trend is predicted to peak, errr... several months ago.
The MashUp
X + Y = PerfectName? It's still going strong for these companies.
First Names
Real names give a (faux?) feeling of personal contact and trust.
Dropped Vowels
The visual equivalent of a stutter, but helps you acquire the URL.
This trend risks looking very 2010s in the not-so-distant future.
So, should you go with the flow of today’s trends, or swim against the tide? That’s where you might need some professional advice.
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