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Company name, branding, website, business cards & presentations for this startup executive coaching consultancy.

It is absolutely delightful to watch Magnetic Ideas bring your brand vision to life, better than you had imagined it – they are brilliant! I love my startup branding, website and business cards, and my clients are extremely impressed.

Emrah Cetin, Director of ThinkPattern

THE CLIENT. ThinkPattern, a new executive coaching consultancy based in New York City and London.
THE BRIEF. Our client, Emrah Cetin is building a new executive coaching consultancy, incorporating skills honed during an international career with General Motors, Whirlpool, Coke and start-ups. Emrah wanted her startup branding to be bigger than the individual coaches, and needed an impressive and evocative name and brand, as well as an impressive website, presentation materials, business cards and more: Watch this space!
THE BRAND. We wanted to choose a name that reflected the role a coach has in helping people overcome the obstacles blocking their success. ThinkPattern refers to this ability to create new, positive ways of thinking. We designed a logo and colour palette to appeal to her target audience: successful corporations whose HR and development teams want to support employees as they grow and move to new management positions. We are aware that many of her clients have an engineering background (as does Emrah), so wanted the logo to have a logical feel – nothing fussy or fluffy.
THE WEBSITE. We designed the ThinkPattern website to articulate the core coaching principles of the business. The copy, layout and imagery combine to make a professional and credible first impression.
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