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Private Nursery Branding of a Montessori School

Branding: company name, brand identity and business cards for this high-end nursery umbrella startup.


The logo is great, really tugs at the heartstrings, sums up what we do yet isn’t at all too “cutesy”. I love it, thank you and well done!!

Mary Brosnan, Director, Snug Nursery Schools
THE CLIENT. Snug Nursery Schools is a brand new umbrella company of high-quality, five-star nurseries in Greater London and beyond. The people behind the brand have run several highly successful school and nursery businesses.
THE BRIEF. For their new start-up, these entrepreneurs needed a strong umbrella brand identity that would appeal to affluent parents who will pay more for a premium nursery service, including higher ratios of carers to children and a strong educational ethos. We were very pleased to be involved with this project.
THE WORK. For the brand identity, we wanted a memorable and approachable company name with a grown-up look and style – perfect for an upmarket nursery. After all, the target market isn’t the kids – it’s the parents. We fairly quickly decided on the company name Snug – short, sweet and embodies the caring ethos and high quality childcare that emphasises safety and a personal relationship with nursery teachers. We were striving to echo a children’s clothing brand, rather than typical nursery logo styling. Less primary coloured ABCs, more sophistication and finesse.

We decided on lower-case letters for the logo design, to reflect the friendly, caring aspects of the company name. The Snug birds in the logo design aren’t cloyingly sweet and fluffy. The adult bird seems to encourage the younger bird to try out its wings and learn to fly. The very dark brown word and birds look serious, and the logo’s background colour evokes a pale suede – especially on the matt business cards.

We have now developed the company name and branding for the first nursery in the Snug group: Storybook Montessori, opening in 2015 in Ascot.
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