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Dynamic company name and branding for image editing app.

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THE CLIENT. Xycod: A European software development company.
THE BRIEF. Xycod asked us to market a software update for PostWork Shop, their signature photo editing software, which uses built-in image filters to create customised effects. We suggested a total rebrand before investing in marketing, and they heartily agreed.
BRANDING. After coming up with a name including the word ‘donut’, we really didn’t want to get too gooey sweet and cutesy. This product’s target market isn’t just amateur creatives. PhotoDonut’s powerful effects make it a perfect fit for professional creatives, marketing agencies and small business people who want to improve their brand outreach.
The new brand’s visual identity reflects the high-tech nature of the product, but also the colourful filter-led possibilities, as there’s a hint of overlay within the donut shape. A contemporary typeface (Museo Sans) adds to the clean, stylish look.

Image filters help ordinary pics pop.

PhotoDonut’s image filters make ordinary pics pop.

MARKETING. PhotoDonut is about to launch in beta, so Magnetic Ideas is busy building relationships with potential brand ambassadors and finishing up the PhotoDonut website, Tumblr blog and multiple social media platform profiles to spread the word about PhotoDonut’s image transformations, and to encourage thousands of people to try it.
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