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January 14, 2015

Brand (re)new resolutions

Is your goal for 2015 a firmer bottom – or a a firmer bottom line? Either way, at this halfway point in January, I’ll bet your mettle’s being tested. Will this be the year you finally polish up your company’s branding and start attracting a better class of customers? Just think before you leap – even the big boys sometimes get it wrong. For instance, Hershey’s questionable 2014 logo design update leaves a bad taste in the mouth…

The rest of the rebranding seems a clean and modern update, but we can’t get past the steaming cow pat. While it’s possible the design team had never seen the ‘pile of poo’ emoji there really is no excuse, seeing as it’s currently available on T shirts, slippers and even iPhone cases. When your logo icon involves a brown plop, you really should be more careful. Read more about the internet buzz around the Hershey rebrand imbroglio on AdWeek.

Hopefully your own rebranding project will be more straightforward, but if you’d like to discuss a new logo, brand identity, website design or even a company name rebrand, please do get in touch.

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