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  • Rebranding your company

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If you’re considering rebranding your business, you must have reasons. Perhaps you rushed the branding first time around or your logo designer didn’t quite meet your expectations. Maybe your original company name was too specific and limited the company’s prospects for expansion. Whatever the issues, lets evaluate your current branding and see how a polished and professional rebranding could help you attract new customers and strengthen brand loyalty with existing clients.

Before-After Branding Examples:

before-after branding rebranding

A more polished brand and logo design for this high-profile West End security service.

before-after branding

We rebranded this image editing app with a new business name and more polished logo that hints at layers of visual effects.

We rebranding this beauty salon to refocus its message and highlight its indulgent, female-centric space and treatements.

Rebranding for this London beauty salon to refocus its message and highlight its indulgent treatments.

before-after branding estate agent london

After 50+ years of serving London’s real estate needs, this family-run business needed a more contemporary brand and logo design to reflect the quality of its service and available properties.

before-after branding

This entrepreneurial startup company had a name, but needed a polished logo that articulated its fun and educational toys for babies and children.


The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it but that it is too low and we reach it.


Thinking about rebranding?

The fact that you need a rebrand is actually good news. With your company up and running, you’ve tested your business model and have new insights into what needs to improve, whether it’s the entire branding including company name or just a logo refresh. You understand the value of sharpening up your strategy, your image and your message before you invest more time, energy and money into marketing the brand. Let’s drive your business forward with a professional brand identity.

Business Rebranding Services

Your rebranding may involve more than a new logo. Sometimes a completely new name – or a revised name – is a good business decision. Maybe you’ve learned about your niche sector and instead of a totally descriptive name such as you feel an evocative name will be more memorable and engaging. Maybe you’ve expanded beyond nuts and bolts and need a less specific name to reflect growing areas of business. Whatever your bespoke needs, we’ll create a strong rebranded company name to get you off to a running start. Perhaps you have a new business partner, so your original idea of naming the company after yourself is now outdated. We look at your bespoke project and research your particular sector and audience, to ensure our company name rebranding will match your needs and your customers’ expectations, so you can compete with bigger brands.
Our rebranding service helps London’s businesses polish up their logo designs and branding. Many start-ups don’t invest properly in branding services. It’s understandable – with so many areas that need to be developed, indulging in a prolonged or expensive branding exercise seems superficial and not as necessary as getting into production and getting the income streams flowing. But at some point, you may regret rushing the logo design and realise that your branding isn’t working as well as it should. A revised, more professional take on your existing design may be all you want (and need). In many cases, a complete rebrand can help, with a more elegant and refined typography and styling that raises your profile and confers credibility. Let’s refine your brand for the modern marketplace – so you can be more competitive. Need a creative logo design? Let’s get cracking.
Part of the rebranding exercise will be delivering branding guidelines that keep your professional image up to scratch. Brand guidelines advise on different uses of your brand and logo, and also delve into the ‘story’ around your brand and how you communicate your brand values with your customers. This isn’t an empty exercise – your brand promise should be reflected in every interaction between customer and brand.
Rebranding is the perfect time to redefine your brand personality and how it relates to customers. What do clients expect and want from your brand? (The answer is different based on whether you’re B2B, B2C, a serious financial business or a fun app. You also need a clear and concise message to highlight your company’s USP (unique selling point) – why should customers choose your business? Our professional copywriting helps you relay your message clearly to potential clients, through your strapline and more extensive communications such as marketing campaigns and website copywriting, as well as Powerpoint presentations, sales tools and pitches.
Do you sell in person? If so, your business card says a lot about you (and not just in the words). Crisp and professional business cards make your networking exponentially more effective. The quality of paper and the style should match your rebranded business’s values: are you about giving customers value for money? Or is yours a luxury brand that needs to ooze quality, indulgence and professionalism? All your business stationery should deliver a clear brand message (and a great return on investment). All correspondence with your brand should be professional and consistent to inspire trust. We custom design printed and digital letterhead, comp slips, invoices, Powerpoint presentations, annual reports and more, to match your rebranded identity – and your customers’ expectations.
Your rebranded company will need a fresh look for your digital presence. In some cases, we can simply replace the old logo with the rebranded logo design and polish up your website imagery and copy to better reflect your new brand. In other cases, you may decide on an entire website rebrand as well. This will signal to your customers a fresh new start, while reassuring them that the quality of your service and/or products will stay just how they like it. We love improving websites and helping rebranded businesses stand out from the competition. You don’t want to use stock images that are the same on all your competitors’ sites. Even if you’re on a stock photo budget, we can alter the imagery to lift it above the competition and make it seem more like a customised, credible example of your real business. Streamlining website architecture, improving SEO results and incorporating engaging copy that your clients want to read – all part of our website rebranding services.
Before you spend time, energy and money marketing your current brand, it may be wise to re-evaluate your entire branding, from company name to corporate identity. A more professional brand identity helps drive your business forward.
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