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  • What’s in a (company) name?

    Would Nike by any other name smell as sweet?

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What’s in a business name? More than you might imagine. Since ‘Google’ took over the world, one could presume that any old name pulled out of a hat will do. Alas, brand naming’s not quite so simple.

A brand name is more than a word. It’s the beginning of a conversation.


A successful brand name:

• is recognisable and memorable
• sticks in the mind
• has personality
• has depth: layers of meaning
• looks good
• sounds good

Brand Naming Services

For start-ups or existing businesses who need to update their brand to be more competitive:
Starting a new business or launching a new product? Step one (after your airtight business plan, natch) is brand naming. We don’t just pick a company name out of a hat. After our initial research into your business, the competition and your audience, we’ll deliver a minimum of six initial concepts from the Descriptive, Invented, Experiential or Evocative brand categories as required. We then refine the concepts and exact names with your input and feedback. We’ll also discuss whether an SEO-infused name (or URL) might drive initial brand growth, or whether you’d prefer a more long-term branding strategy.
Before choosing your name, it’s vital to define your business, your place in the market, your target audience and your USP (unique selling point). Don’t worry – we’ll help. With this background knowledge, we’ll get your brand off to a strong start.
All shortlisted names are at minimum prescreened by us against the UK Intellectual Property Office trademark database and a Google due diligence check
Even the best company name won’t succeed without a website address or domain name. We’ll research the URL database – including the new .London domain names – to find the best available web address for your new brand.

A name for life?

Just as with a person’s name, brand naming will have lasting consequences. People are initially judged by their names – not entirely fair, but it’s human nature. We’ve all met folks with unfortunate monikers. Their parents may have been tone-deaf, momentarily swayed by passing trends or just plain cruel – (Dweezil?). When naming a newborn baby, you should think of the future: will your bambino’s name be suitable for a fully grown adult, a CEO or even a Prime Minister? With your company name, you must think ahead as well: will your business expand beyond its current geographic area or product range? Can the name adapt as your business matures?

We’ll work closely with you to develop distinctive brand naming for your business, products or services, names that feel very ‘now’ but can withstand the test of time. We can also help you market your new brand – and get it growing.

Who are you?

Your company name must have a raison d’être, some grounding or depth of meaning. It should reflect your brand essence: its core promise and ‘brand personality’. Is your company sophisticated and exclusive, or down-to-earth and accessible? Friendly and helpful or authoritative and factual?

Looks matter

The actual look of your company name is a visual signifier. Customers will see it in a logo, an ad, on a billboard – and on an invoice. The name will be seen in context, but its shape and the ease of reading it are key.

Sound advice

The sound of your company name is also important. Customers will hear your brand name on radio or television ads, at trade shows or in conversation. Will potential customers feel comfortable saying the name? If not, how will they ask for it or recommend it to someone? Word of mouth is a vital marketing tool, so don’t make happy clients feel awkward about recommending you. Imagine meeting someone and handing over your business card as you say, “Hello, I’m the CEO of XX.” It’s your company, so you must feel comfortable saying its name. And how will it sound when your team answer the phone? Is the name easy to understand verbally? A confusing or difficult to pronounce company name could present issues.

Stand Out in the Crowd

Is your new name distinctive? Does it stand out from the competition or is it lost in a sea of similar brands? Distinctiveness can be an effective aspect of a successful name, particularly if there are layers of meaning behind the name.

The Buzz Factor

Where’s the oomph? Does your new business name have the energy and character to carry an ad campaign on its back? You want a name that’s not a damp squib.

Brand Positioning

Is your new brand name relevant to your products and/or service or to your industry? A fun new app can have a ‘kooky’ brand name, but a financial services company? You must match a brand name’s overall appeal with its relevance – if there’s a disconnect, it may not work.


If someone else has your name, it’s obviously a good one – but not the one for you. Let’s find you an original, available name that suits your business to a T.
Let’s talk business.