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29 Apr '15

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Rebranding Hastings Adventure Golf

Just returned from a fantastic stay in America, visiting family and friends at the beach in North Carolina – and finding some time for putt putt… ahem, I mean research for our rebranding project for Hastings Adventure Golf. We’ve reshaped the brand to … Read More

20 Apr '15

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Hillary Clinton’s new logo…

Hillary Clinton’s new logo is making waves. Is it the perfect combination of Americana and ‘moving forward’? Totally boring? A filch of FedEx? Creative Bloq drills down in a fantastic blog: 5 reasons Hillary Clinton’s New Logo is Causing Controversy.

Hillary’s competition:

In the … Read More

24 Mar '15

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Florist branding: Igloo Flowers

Every time I walk past Igloo Flowers at London Bridge station I think to myself, “What a perfect name!” Tucked into a little cave-like Victorian arch lined with shiny, ice-white tiles (and of course, the typically Arctic temperatures of any flower shop) it’s a proper little Igloo … Read More

13 Mar '15

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Bar and restaurant interiors: The Boot and Flogger

Last night I was invited to an event with the wonderful Fourth Day PR team at The Boot and Flogger, in Redcross Way, SE1 (coincidentally about 20 steps from our new location). I’ve heard about it for years, but it was … Read More

10 Jul '14

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Good branding can come in small packages.

Many small businesses come to us believing they need to ‘clean up’ their branding – and they’re right. But for some businesses, an overly precise logo just doesn’t fit. Today’s my birthday, and one of my gifts is a sweet necklace and earrings by … Read More

06 Apr '14

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Does a Pu Pu Platter by any other name smell as sweet?

Your product or brand name has a big impact on how customers perceive your business. Choosing a company name has emotional, political and business repercussions, so follow our brand naming tips.

Just as a baby’s name (or a puppy’s) can … Read More

29 Nov '13

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Starting a new start-up?

Are you launching or expanding a business in today’s competitive market? Congratulations – you’re definitely not the namby-pamby type. So, where do you begin? A quirky business name and fancy logo, right? And then some clever Twittering.

Whoa, Nelly. Step … Read More